April 9, 2012

Be a Rockstar!

Ever watched rockstar’s celebrity photo shoot and wished YOU could be in the spotlight? Now is your chance! At Houck Portraits, we think all our clients are rock stars. So whether you love the spotlight or prefer to work behind-the-scenes, we’ll make you feel (and look) like star. We know everyone shines brighter and smiles bigger when they are comfortable and confident.

We recently took some Senior Portraits that made our clients look like real rock-stars, even though they just came from classes at the local high school. With portraits from these recent sessions they can believe they are anything–a model, a movie star, or even a rock sensation–and write their own story. After all, what’s life without a little imagination.

Our trick, well, you’ll just have to schedule an appointment to find how we give our clients the red-carpet treatment, teach you to pose so you look slimmer and use the most up-to-date techniques to give you the look you want.

We can give you that wind-in-your hair look.

Or the tossed-wet look.

Or the just-who-you-are look.


It’s your portrait session. We’re just the guys behind the camera.

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