March 5, 2012

Bringing Spring Colors to Your Portrait Session

We love the bright colors Spring brings with it after a winter of dark tones. We are lookingforward to bringing out our Spring flowers and even shooting some sessions outside with the buttercups and many other soon to be blooming spring flowers. But choosing the right colors for your Spring portraits can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for family portraits. So we put together a few tips to help make the wardrobe decision a little easier.

1. Decide what kind of portraits you’d like to have.

Are you looking for formal Easter portraits or something a little more relaxed and casual? Where you plan to put your portraits may help you make this decision. Placing an 16×20 in your formal dining room may mean you need to lean toward a more structured, formal setting. Creating a whimsical arrangement of 4-8 smaller portraits in a quirky family room might lend itself to something more casual.

2. Decide who will be in your portraits.

If you are having one child photographed, choosing colors may not be such a big deal. If you are looking for a family portrait, choosing colors suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. Check out this season’s colors (for Spring 2012 we’re looking at pastels as well as some really bold oranges, yellows, and blues along with sand and khaki neutral click here for the Pantone color report). Choose a main color and neutral for the base of your color scheme. Avoid being too matched. A mixture of shades of the same color can create a sense of coordination with be overly matched and boring. Try to limit the patterns to one or two subtle patterns and instead rely on a lot of solid colors with layers and some accessories. Remember also that darker colors can be slimming.

3. Consider on-location shoots.

If you’d like to have portraits by your pool, in your garden or around the park, let us know. We love to go on location and have some great ideas for giving you unique portraits in a setting that’s just your own. The location, however, may also determine what you wear.

4. Consult the photographer

When you’ve decided what type of portrait you’d like have taken and the color you think would work well for your family, give our photographer Richard or Linda a call. Talk to them about the portrait type, the sets and props they may have and how to coordinate that with the colors and fashion you’ve already chosen. By helping us know how to prepare for your session, we’ll all save a little time and get the best portraits possible.

We love creating lasting memories for your family! Choosing flattering colors and clothes combinations can make all the difference in your portrait session. Give us a call to talk about what you have in mind and how we can help.


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