April 2, 2012

Think outside the studio!

We love it when our clients think creatively! And we love to travel! So what’s more fun to us than an on-location portrait session? Almost NOTHING!

If you are looking for portraits that are uniquely yours, brainstorm with us on how we can create an out-of-the-studio on-location shoot that speaks directly to your family.

Start by brainstorming a little.

Want to do a beach scene? You’re in luck, we LOVE the beach! Every November we spend Thanksgiving on the coast and we always schedule some family beach sessions while we are there. If you don’t want to wait until November, work with us on the timing or we’ll look at a local beach to create the look you’ll love.

Have a perfect spot in mind in your own home or garden where you’d like us to shoot? Schedule the time with us and we’ll bring our equipment to you.

Northeast Mississippi offers beautiful outside landscapes, shimmering lakes, unique landmarks and stunning architecture. And the colors of Spring bring all these places to life more than ever. So think outside the studio this year as you plan your family portraits and let us help.

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