March 26, 2012

Your Senior Year. Your Senior Portraits.

By Senior year, you know your style and you know how you want to remember your last year of high school. We work to make that happen for you without breaking your folks’ bank account. Richard (our Senior portrait photog) makes it his goal to create the portraits you really want. Here’s what he had to say about Senior Portrait sessions:

“We’re geared for YOU!”

Just how do we gear our session for your needs and wants versus our schedules and programs? We’re glad you asked.

1. Bring your favorite outfits.

Notice we didn’t say bring your 2 favorite outfits and extra cash for the third or fourth. Nope. Bring them all. We don’t charge for the extra changes of clothes although we do ask that you give us a heads up if you’re bringing several so we can be prepared.

2. Enjoy no session fees.

All the cost of your Senior sessions is included the package your purchase. We’ll shoot 2 or even sometimes 3 sessions to get it all just the way you want it. Many of our seniors plan outdoor sessions in the early Fall or early Spring when the weather’s nice and nature cooperates. We prefer to shoot indoor sessions in the winter and summer when the weather is either too cold or hot for outdoor sessions. By splitting the sessions, it allows everyone to be less stressed and focus on one portrait scene at a time.

3. Choose black and white and color portraits.

Some portraits need the vibrant blues and explosive reds of your clothes and the sunset to truly tell the story of who you are. Other portraits speak clearly through the tones of black and white. We want you to be free to have the best of both worlds…at no extra charge.

4. Don’t pick just one.

We love to create custom collages and cards from multiple poses. Remember, it’s about you and your style. Your Senior collage should tell the story of you and the adult you’ve grown up to be. Sometimes a grouping of portraits does that better than just one alone. We also create custom graduation invitations from your portraits so you can share your style with those you love the most.

5. Make it about you.

Are you a 4H junkie? Band member? Football player? Bring the props that tell who you are  (even if those props are chickens and shot guns…yes, we’ve been there). While graduation moves you beyond the sports and activities of high school, those activities have shaped your character, your knowledge and your leadership. Let them play a part in your Senior Portraits.

Want to find out more about how we can create a uniuqe portrait session just for you? Give us a call or shoot us an email at We still have a few sessions available for 2012 Seniors and are booking 2013 Senior sessions now.

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